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We boast over 20 years of consolidated experience and we operate in the design, production and customisation of laser marking, welding and cutting systems.

Sectors of application

Laser cutting has endless applications for any type of business.

Paper conversion

Our main products

Best-in-class marking.

Type of Laser:Fibra di itterbio, CO₂
Operating area:600x420 mm
Maximum height of the piece:300 mm
Laser power:Fibra di Itterbio - 20,20,30,40,50,70 W;
CO₂ - 10,20,30 W
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Compact welding “at desk convenience”.

Type of Laser:Flash Lamp Nd: Yag
Operating area:500 x 300 mm
Maximum height of the piece:120 mm
Laser power:60, 80 W
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The ideal compact machine for small and medium production runs.

Type of Laser:Fibra di itterbio
Operating area:900x1300; 1000x1500 mm
Maximum height of the piece:40 m/min
Laser power:500,1000,1500,2000 W
Maximum cutting speed:00
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Services at your


Feasibility studies

First of all, we analyse your needs and study the right approach to the project

Training and education

We train your staff, transferring all our 20-year know-how

Post-sale support

We never leave you alone, we are always careful to your needs also after concluding the project

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

We implement intervention plans to ensure the adaptation of the installed systems