We analyse, develop and implement your ideas, supporting you during the after-sales phase.

Creativity and compliance.

L-Peak is not only technology but also and above all thought: what is conceived everyday by combining our expertise. Design, research and development, technical office, production, sale, assistance. We don’t believe in hierarchies but in synergies. This way, with a series of properly greased gears, L-Peak duly operates and allows your business to grow in total safety.

Some important peaks

  • 20 years of experience in laser automation.
  • A synergic and multi-skilful team.
  • A range of products tailored for your business.
  • Specific know-how for high productivity.

Grounded people.

L-Peak was born from a tangible need and develops its products focusing on safety: ensure productivity, never stop conceiving, set new technological standards and listen to the actual needs of our customers.

There will always be space for sharing ideas and time to define effective solutions. If you invest in us, we invest in the future.