Standard products

Our Standard solutions are thought to put you immediately in the condition to produce, integrating the machine to your business context, simply and immediately.

Laser custom solutions

Custom solutions are instead studied ad hoc and executed to be integrated in complex, custom or dedicated production lines. . Go to page

Laser marking engraving

With Laser Marking, we intend all marking or numbering works on pieces and materials using a laser beam. There are multiple processes according to the material and its quality: engraving, removal, discolouration, annealing and foaming. Optimal and quick results.
Standard Custom

Laser welding

Laser welding is a special welding technique aimed at joining multiple pieces of metal through laser. The concentrated heat source of the laser allows thin and deep welding.
Standard Custom

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is perfect for its versatile ability to handle materials, also of remarkable hardness, with millimetric precision. The process mainly consists in raising the temperature, through which the laser beam melts the material to cut. The cutting versatility is extremely vast and the finished product does not require any further finishing treatments.
Standard Custom