LP Desk XL

Marking that thinks big.

Type of Laser:Fibra di itterbio, CO₂
Operating area:1000x600 mm
Maximum height of the piece:400 mm
Laser power:Fibra di Itterbio - 20,20,30,40,50,70 W;
CO₂ - 10,20,30,55,70 W


LP Desk XL is a laser marking system in class I, particularly indicated for large-size pieces. The laser source is moved along the three axes X,Y,Z (1000X400X300 mm). Thanks to the movement completely integrated and managed by the software, it is possible to execute multi-marking and 2D “splitting” operations on the entire work area. The sturdy and precise work top is available in various sizes and finishes and many accessories are available to grip and clamp the pieces. Available with Ytterbium fibre sources with power from 20 to 70W and CO2 sources from 10 to 70W.

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